Our Co-Chairs condemned the verdict in the Kobanî Case: The court has shown its alignment with ISIS and fascism

The final hearing of the Kobanî Case, in which former HDP co-chairs Selahattin Demirtaş and Figen Yüksekdağ, members of the Central Executive Board, and Kurdish politicians are standing trial, was held in Ankara, Sincan.

After the trial, a press statement was made in front of the Sincan Prison Campus. Our Co-Chairs Tuncer Bakırhan and Tülay Hatimoğulları stated the following:

Mr. Tuncer Bakırhan:

“Today, another dark stain is added to the history of Turkey’s law and judiciary. In a period where gangs and mafias roam freely, and trials such as those of Jitem end in acquittals—Jitem, which massacred Kurds in acid wells and committed thousands of unsolved murders—Kurds, democrats, and politicians are being punished.”

“We do not recognize this verdict. Selahattin, Figen, and those on trial in the Kobanî Case have been acquitted in the hearts of Kurds, Turks, workers, women, and youth; they are free. Today, in the courtroom in Sincan where this hearing was held, the specter of the military coups of September 12th and March 12th has resurfaced.”

“We have been hearing normalization and softening messages (from the government circles) in these days, but today the HDP, Kurdish politics, and democrats are being attempted to be erased from the political scene. On March 31st (in Turkey’s local elections), Kurds, workers, gave a great response to this unjust order, these judicial decisions influenced by the government. Those who do not understand this response have done a great harm to Turkey’s democracy and the future of country. But they should know very well that we Kurds, workers, and the poor will nullify these dirty decisions as always, shoulder to shoulder in solidarity on the field. We will liberate our friends one day. Let those who made this decision know very well that those days are not far off. I respectfully greet our friends who stand in solidarity with us today. We promise that this solidarity, this struggle, will continue more comprehensively, larger from now on.”

Ms. Tülay Hatimoğulları:

"Today, we witnessed a massacre of justice. Today, with this decision taken in Sincan, Selahattin Demirtaş has been sentenced to 43 years and 6 months, Figen Yüksekdağ to 30 years and 3 months, and our other friends have been sentenced to hundreds of years in total. We said this morning, this is a crossroads. Just as the indictment was written in the Palace and the MHP Headquarters, this decision has also been written by the same circles. There is no judiciary left in Turkey. Another legal coup, another political coup has just taken place. Our friends, who have been unjustly and unlawfully sentenced today, have already been acquitted in the conscience of the whole world public opinion."

"The decision made today here indicates support for ISIS, an organization regarded as an enemy of the people, women, and humanity, aiming to spread significant disaster across the Middle East. We said this morning that this decision will either be in favor of the peoples and democracy or in favor of ISIS and fascism. Today, with its verdict, the court once again shows that it is on the side of ISIS and fascism. This decision is null and void. We do not recognize this decision, it is null and void."

16 May 2024