Our Background: We are the Peoples' Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party), a constituent party of the HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party). To circumvent the high risk of a potential closure verdict for the HDP by Turkey’s Constitutional Court ahead of the elections, the HDP announced its participation in the general elections held on May 14th, 2023, under the banner of our party. Formerly known as the Green Left Party, we changed our name to the Peoples' Equality and Democracy Party during the 4th grand congress on October 15th 2023. We have taken up the flag of the democratic struggle from the HDP.

Our Vision: We are committed to a pluralistic, participatory, and deliberative approach to politics. Our mission is to establish a democratic, libertarian, egalitarian, just, ecological, gender-equal, and solidarity-based society. At DEM Party, we advocate for universal human rights, safeguard the rights of nature and all living beings, oppose militarism, and stand for labour, social justice, ecology, peace, and democracy.

For Egalitarian and Just Politics

We, the democratic and peaceful forces of Turkey, come together to eliminate all forms of oppression, exploitation, and discrimination. Our aim is to establish people's democratic rule. Committed to the principles of honest and transparent politics, our party endeavours to create a social order where humans, labour, and nature are not exploited. We envision a society where all individuals can lead dignified, free, equal, and democratic lives, contributing to a sustainable world for future generations. Our struggle is rooted in the pursuit of a world where individuals, empowered by their own will, strive for democracy and social rights.

DEM Party Strives for Peace

Our party aims for the peaceful and honorable resolution of the Kurdish issue, the Alevi issue, and all ethnic, religious, and cultural identity issues in Turkey. We advocate for the resolution of these problems through open dialogue and negotiation, based on the principles of equal citizenship and collective rights.

Our party opposes all forms of violence. Our struggle is resolutely directed against war, militarism, state violence, violence against women by men, and violence against other living beings by humans.

DEM Party is a Pro-Self-Government

Democracy is not solely about voting every four or five years, it is a continuous process. Our party upholds the concept of direct democracy, enabling participation at all levels in decision-making and executing mechanisms. We aim to establish a participatory and deliberative democracy founded on the principles of local governance, recognizing the crucial role of local politics and participation in decision-making. Our ultimate goal is to fortify democracy through robust local governance, decentralizing authority and resources to empower local governments.

DEM Party believes in Gender Equality

Our party firmly rejects male dominance and advocates for gender equality in all fields and at all levels. We value diversity, by bringing together the struggles of different views and political traditions in the New Life Movement. Our party acts with the understanding that a democratic and women's liberation-oriented alternative world is possible.

DEM Party is Green

We believe that Nature possesses inherent rights, and humans have the responsibility to preserve the rights and habitats of nature and all living beings. We are the part of the global struggle against capitalism and industrialism, which destroy nature and do not leave a livable world for us and future generations. We reject imperial aggression, occupations, wars, neoliberal policies, the obsession with economic growth, and the consumer society mentality.

Freedom and Equality for All

We are dedicated to combating discriminatory policies affecting the youth, striving to eliminate barriers that impede their active participation in politics and society. We advocate for the protection of children from violence and discrimination, ensuring their equal access to public services. We stand for equal social and political rights for immigrants and refugees, opposing racist and discriminatory policies.