The AKP Government continues its deceptive tactics on election Day

Our statement regarding the election day:

Today, in Turkey, we are participating in local elections. And our commitment to fair elections stands strong.

Our observers, including school and ballot officials, MPs, and party representatives, are stationed at the polls. We had previously uncovered and publicized the centrally planned fake voter scheme orchestrated by the ruling party, the AKP, in the cities where DEM Party has majority. Today, our colleagues at the polling stations and our fellow citizens exercising their right to vote have caught these imposters red-handed and meticulously documented their actions.

Our party officials have also identified state officials attempting to cast multiple votes in favor of the ruling party at various polling stations. We have documented these instances and lodged criminal complaints against them. We are steadfast in our commitment to preventing any form of electoral fraud.

The government's efforts will not succeed. The determination and will of our people will thwart any attempts at deception. We urge citizens of all ages, from 7 to 70, to head to the polls, assert their will, and safeguard the integrity of the ballot boxes.

DEM Party
31 March 2024