We vehemently condemn Israels attack on the tent city in Rafah!

Statement by our Central Executive Board:

The Netanyahu government's massacres against the Palestinian people know no bounds. As the DEM Party, we strongly condemn the attack carried out by the Israeli army on the tent city in Rafah, home to displaced Palestinians.

The new measures taken by the International Court of Justice on May 24th ordered Israel to immediately halt its attacks on Rafah. However, the perpetration of such a massacre in Rafah, despite this ruling, reveals the extent of ruthlessness that the Netanyahu government has reached.

Any state that fails to react to these attacks and merely engages in ostentatious behavior is complicit in the crimes of the Netanyahu government. The inability to stop the Israeli army, which is committing massacres in front of the world, is fundamentally due to the enabling stance of these states.

This is our call to all the peoples of the world: As peoples, we can stop this massacre. Everyone should put democratic pressure on their own governments to take steps against Israel that will end this war.

As the DEM Party, we also call on the AKP-MHP government to be sincere in their policy against Israel, to sever all military and commercial ties with it, and to stop trying to deceive the people of Turkey!

With the awareness of the responsibility given to us by our history of struggle, we reaffirm our unwavering support for the oppressed Palestinian people. Long live the struggle of the Palestinian people!

DEM Party Central Executive Board
27 May 2024